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Original Download for Nintendo Wii Game Console Repair Guide — Marlette

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Dear Wii Console Owner,

Our guide will teach you the methods tofix the common errors and problems that Nintendo Wii Console owners are having.
You will not need to be a rocket scientist to use this guide. You do not need to be an engineer to fix the errors and problems you are having with your console.

That being said this is also a very detailed guide that is full of some technical data and diagrams to help you get the most out of your Wii Console is you are so interested.

These methodsare the ones I use in my shop.

We have been selling guides longer than anyone!!

Bronxy'sStep By StepGuide
How To Fix the Nintendo Wii Common Problems & Errors

What Will You Get?

checkerHow to properly open your Wii Console without damage.

checkerEasy step by step guide on how to open your Wii Console with clear picturesto help you inevery step.

checkerGuide covers all Error Codes.

checkerUnable to read disk errors.

checkerProblems with disks self ejecting.

Problem with not reading just some disks but will read others.


Game freezing problems.


Being prompted to insert start up disk.


Guide deals with all email issues and image problems.


Guide deals with Character problems.


How to fix cursor problems and why they happen.


Network set up and troubleshooting.


How to repair and Mod your controllers.


Learn modifications you can perform on your console.

checkerEmail support if you have any problems.

checkerThere is so much more in this guide there is not enough room here to post it all!!

checkerYou will fix every and any problem you will encounter!!

checkerMuch much much more!!